Storm Greeter vs. The Splash Zone!

“The Splash Zone”, that in-between environment that leaves a substrate immersed or exposed, wet or dry, baking in the UV.

For 13 months, Storm Greeter was washed by waves and roasted in the coastal sunshine. No rust. No corrosion.

For 13 months, marine plant and wildlife creeped on, crawled through, and nestled against Storm Greeter. No penetration. No corrosion.

For 13 months, Storm Greeter was bolted to marine-grade, pressure-treated wood pilings. No galvanic corrosion. No failure.

The Storm Greeter coating was hit by the boom on a barge that sank in the slip next to the test: Hit hard enough to bend the 10-gauge steel substrate beneath it. No breaks. No tears. No leaks.

Tested by EPRI. Tested by nature.

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