Storm Greeter: The Time Resistant Coating

Whether it's molded parts, peel & stick, or hot-dip applications, Storm Greeter coatings are ideally suited for the utility and energy, transportation, defense, agriculture, and marine industries.  Storm Greeter's UV, corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance means that it will still be protecting your assets while paint is being repaired or replaced.

Key Industries - Storm Greeter Increases Predictability, Reduces Risk

  • DuraTop pole caps are becoming the standard for capping wood, concrete and steel poles.
  • Storm Greeter coated anchor rods are gaining ground in coastal and alkaline soil installations
  • SGPS has been approved as an OEM coating for steel poles and for ground-line repair and maintenance.
  • Weld Joints - The SGPS coating will speed up pipeline construction, maintenance, and repairs while reducing costs...dramatically!
  • Refineries - SGPS, when applied as a skirt on storage tanks in coastal areas, will increase the life of the tank walls by blocking salt exposure, and water and wind blown debris.
  • Refineries - SGPS can be custom cut and applied quickly to areas where galvanic corrosion and vibration are a problem
  • "There's Got To Be A Better Way!"
  • Whether you're doing industrial, commercial or residential construction, Storm Greeter hardware is what you need!
  • Storm Greeter construction hardware goes beyond the code, whether the installation is buried, immersed, or exposed to air.
  • Storm Greeter is perfect for decks and piers, boathouses, and coastal homes.
  • Storm Greeter blocks the effects of chemicals from pressure treated lumber, and is impervious to UV, salt, and time.
  • Some shapes and types of steel, such as springs, cannot withstand the heat of galvanization and retain their integrity.  Storm Greeter is the better option.
  • In agricultural machinery, steel surfaces take a beating from seed and harvested commodities.  Storm Greeter will outperform paint and protect metal surfaces longer.
  • Where vibration and noise are an issue in industrial machinery, Storm Greeter reduces - or eliminates - the problem.  Storm Greeter can be quickly customized - on site - to fit virtually any application or need.

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In the meantime, you can place an order or request information by emailing or by calling 334-363-9558.  
Order DuraTop Pole & Pier Caps
DuraTop pole & pier caps come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  They can be used on wood, concrete, and steel poles and piers.
Order Storm Greeter Peel & Stick (SGPS) Coating
SGPS comes in 2' wide rolls, in 20' & 24' lengths.  Whether yours is a new application, or a repair to an existing one, SGPS reduces labor and downtime by as much as 90%.  It's the Time Resistance of Storm Greeter married to 3M's VHB technology.  The average annual cost of coating per square foot with SGPS is 1,000ths of a penny!
Storm Greeter Coated Parts and Structures
Find out about the Storm Greeter advantage when applied to parts, components, connectors, and structures.
Storm Greeter Field Application
Applying Storm Greeter in the field, as opposed to painting, reduces downtime while reducing labor and cost.  Storm Greeter continues to reduce coating costs annually over the life of the asset.

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