Storm Greeter – Residential & Commercial Construction

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5 year-old hurricane straps in Fort Morgan, AL.  This was the 4th set of straps that had been installed since the house was built.  They were made by the leading component manufacturer and meet code.














Residential & Commercial Construction

Storm Greeter came about because galvanizing construction components and fasteners isn’t enough.  Sure, those things pass building codes testing and meet the minimum requirements.  Are those requirements enough?

Not long ago it became apparent to the construction industry that the chemicals in pressure treated lumber were causing galvanic corrosion of the joist hangers, ties, and straps that hold decks, docks and buildings together.  One of the largest component manufacturers in the world reacted by “triple galvanizing” a new line of components.

As the director of business development for a leading pressure treating corporation put it: “All that did was make the galvanizing fall off in bigger chunks.”

Storm Greeter Product List (pdf)

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